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 Baz Porter is building a community to impact growth, promote change, and bring harmony to the world one person at a time. In order to accomplish this, each one of us must first decide to look within to discover our true potential.  The charitable foundation, A Million Dreams, is based on a sincere, heartfelt desire to provide the required help and support to veterans of all Forces, both military and civilian, while either in or after leaving active service. The Foundation’s structure, design and operation are overseen by the Founding Members in order to maintain its intended integrity for the people served.

Baz Porter

Baz Porter's mission is to guide awakening souls into self-awareness, self-love, and provide the foundation for a strong spiritual base. He creates a safe platform where empaths, star seeds, Multi-Dimensional beings, and newly awakened souls on their individual journeys can establish self-belief and an increasing awareness that there is more to life than just what we see with our own eyes. 

Baz teaches awareness and understanding of universal laws, other dimensions, new paradigms and quantum energy work for healings. Using this knowledge to guide people who are willing to accept their own divine truth, Baz passes on these techniques to individuals, corporations, and both small and large groups. As the result of personally integrating his extraordinary life experiences, Baz has learned how to navigate through the depths of adversity and expanse of spiritual awakenings.  

awakening interfaith spiritual community

awakening interfaith spiritual community

Baz Porter is a life coach whos goal is to empower others with knowledge, and support in the recovery from PTSD and mental illness through Spirituality

Guidance | Support | Clarity | Truth

If you are intrested in embarking on your journey, need some guidance in which path to take, we will have a conversation to discuss which serivce to participate in. This ...
Free Consultation
15 min
This exclusive, complete all in one package, is being offered to the public. Due to the high-level energies transmitted and transmuted, the dual healers in session, are o...
Paradigmatic Angelic Healing
1 hr 30 min


Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth.


Enlightenment is defined as "the state of having understanding"; consciousness as "the state of being aware."


Enlightened consciousness, then, is a phrase that might be interpreted as "the understanding of awareness." The term—and the philosophy itself—carries infinite layers of meaning. Each layer adds depth, nuance, and shades of meaning that vary among individuals.


The definition varies because each of us is a spark in an infinite universe. 

We are unique and shaped by our experiences.


But it is also true that our Selves (intentionally capitalized!) are interconnected in a cosmic weaving beyond comprehension.


That very incomprehensibility forms the path to awareness of the infinite. It's a journey of spiritual growth that fundamentally changes who we are.


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Manifestation | Affirmation & Well-Being Webinar
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Master Healers Course
The Infinity of Cosmic Consciousness Interactive Seminar
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Inter-dimensional Paradigmatic Healing Mastery Course
A Day Of Miracles
Jamaica Bay Inn
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Right from day 1 I have felt a special connection with Baz and I feel this is because he genuinely loves and cares about people when he enters their lives. His humility, gentleness and his love is very healing. He’s an amazing person and friend and will give you the best he can. I love every bit of advice he gives and would highly recommend him.


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